You can have it on good authority that your air conditioning unit or system is in good nick once you have enjoyed your consultation with an air conditioning technician. Of course, in order for said technician to make any sense to you, and to do justice to your property’s infrastructure, the technician would surely have to be fully and properly qualified, licensed and registered and working out of businesses such as Рalso licensed and registered.

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If your air conditioning technician is worth his salt in terms of how he is qualified, and he has taken time and effort to develop his reservoir of knowledge on the science and engineering of air-conditioning, he should have much to say and do in terms of keeping your indoor air environment as clean and healthy as possible. And in these days of COVID-like pandemics, it is now critical that he do so.

But he is no clairvoyant.

The air conditioning technician, no matter how good he actually is at his job, is never going to know when exactly you and your air conditioner actually needs his service. So of course, it is over to you to make that first call. And once you have done that, there should be no turning back. The air conditioner should always be in good nick from then on. And of course, your indoor air will be so much more sweeter.

And just you wait and see. Just you wait and see how much healthier everyone will be. Of course, the air conditioner will be healthier. It no longer makes a noise while you are trying to sleep at night. And who even says that the AC needs to be on at night anymore?