As a printer, you will want to know how to best print brochures and other items for your customers.  As a consumer, you will also want to know the best way to setup a brochure in order to get the best results.  In general, brochure printing in Fairfax isn’t a complicated task if you simply know what it is you want and what your end result is going to be.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is true in advertising and in creating brochures.  When we have a photo, it tells a story and invokes an emotion.  When creating a brochure the photo will help tell the story that you are trying to tell and allow the viewer to write their own narrative.  This is why you want to have good photos and photos that belong in your message.

Compelling headlines

You want to have compelling headlines in your brochures.   These headlines should be either bold in color or a slightly different font.  Headlines need to be to the point and tell the reader what to expect in the following text.  If your headlines are hard to read or do not convey the specific message or emotion then you will not get the desired results from your brochure.

Print plenty of them

brochure printing in Fairfax

Brochures are inexpensive to print and can make you a lot of money or give you a lot of great results.  You want to always have a brochure around to give to potential clients and customers as well as be able to mail them off to past customers in order to retain their business and give them updates on what it is you are offering or doing.

Change up your brochures

You will want to change up your brochures as well.  Make sure that you have different messages on each of them with a call to action.  This way you can track and see which ones are giving you the best results.